Investing in the future

By Andel Plastics Ltd
schedule15th Apr 21

Having taken part in the Made Futures event recently, Andel Plastics have confirmed there ongoing investment in both the future generation and the business expansion strategy. 

Within the last couple of months Andel have employed five new members of staff and an outworker.  Two of these positions are trainee toolmaker positions, aiming to address one of the many skill gaps within the manufacturing industry. 

Helena Flowers, Managing Director: "We have searched long and hard over many years to find suitable and enthusiastic candidates who want to train to become fully rounded injection mould toolmakers.  This year we have been lucky enough to find two."  with over 45 years in toolmaking, Andel Plastics is enjoying the upsurge in customers wanting their tooling manufactured within the UK. both by the trend for reshoring production or securing a domestic supply chain for new innovations.  

Andel has heavily invested in their injection moulding facility over the last few years, adding more capacity which is quickly being taken by new customers and products.  Next week sees the addition of another closed loop moulding machine, with the opportunity to recycle potential waste at the machine and improve production with a robot as well. 

Helena commented that investment in both the equipment and employees was attracting new business and young talent to the company, securing the future whilst expanding with sustainability in mind. 


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