Toolroom open for NHS business

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Andel are prioritising medical tooling for all customers

With many manufacturers closed during this time, Andel Plastics are pleased to confirm we are still open for business.  With PPE and Medical equipment being on everyones lips at the moment, we have been honoured to be manufacturing and advising on tooling and moulding for NHS projects.  

Last week the toolroom turned round a tool in just 1.5 days which will feed into the testing capacity for Covid-19 bringing the capacity up from just 30 per day to 2000.  

We are now working on some tooling for an ear saver clip, this enables the mouth and facemask to be clipped snuggly behind the head, saving the pain and loss of skin some of our NHS and caring staff are finding.  The clip was designed by David Moir of Star Rapid, who up to now has been 3D printing these himself free of charge.  David has kindly let us take his design into injection moulding, we will be manufacturing tooling for these parts as soon as possible.

Andy and Jez, generous guys at Total Precision Ltd in Ilkeston, Derbyshire have offered to donate material for us to be able to manufacture these and deliver them out free to our carers and NHS. 

We have been overwhelmed by the sense of togetherness that we have felt recently between people who we might reasonably consider competition in other circumstances.  We have been able to offer free of charge mould flow and part design advice by our colleagues offering their time and easter weekends to make things happen.  

We hope by doing as much of this as not for profit or free of charge, we are making our contribution to the fight against COVID-19.  If you have any requirements at the moment that we can help with, then please get in touch and we will help wherever possible.